Be Kind. Donate Now.

IIP Academy runs under a not for profit organisation IIP FOUNDATION. Whatever you contribute or donate promotes some form of art or someone's education… It provides you a sensation of fulfilment and satisfaction, aside from allowing oppressed and suppressed ones an opportunity to advance their conditions and reduce the difficulties that they face in their lives. Giving funds to NGOs works for individuals and families with restricted means and thus is the most ideal way. Non Governmental Organizations are doing everything necessary to fill the gaps. Their work guaranteeing that needy ones get required services, skilling and training, social protection, financial support to run their livelihoods by providing them tools and machines, and by providing the children required education. In any case, NGOs are dependent on the help of magnanimous people and associations for doing this work they accomplish for marginalised ones. Let’s examine reasons.

Once you donate to a not-for-profit NGO like IIP Charitable Foundation you get a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction.
Your every penny is used for the upliftment of not so privileged ones without paying any commission or costs. This world is so cruel for those who somehow are living but are not blessed in their everyday life, not every person on the planet has been honoured with the ability to have a decently dignified life. Not just India but the world has gained monetary headway in recent years, however even today an incredible number of individuals on the planet are struggling to carry on without a basic needed life. A little part of your income called “DHARMANSH – A small part of your income for wellbeing for the underprivileged ones” can help achieve a change in the existence of a solitary with them, it’s absolutely worth it. Doing this soulful work gives unimagining fulfillment to you…

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