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PHOTO ODYSSEY 2022 - IIP's Annual Festival

About IIP Photo Odyssey

IIP Photo Odyssey is here to show you more than a glimpse in the field of photography, but also to offer to you all to have the chance to experience each of them meticulously and smoothly, in which you will come across how the process of photography begins to varies different fields of photography, meanwhile coming across some of the new remarkable camera technologies which evoke evolution in the photography fields.
IIP Photo Odyssey 2022 is set to launch on 18th April 2022(Monday) to 23rd April 2022(Saturday)
Venue: IIP Academy (B7, Sector 2, Noida)
Timings :10:30 am to 5:00pm.

"This is where Photography and Art meet."

This Program is organized by the students of IIP Academy. Our aim is to create a physical, mental or a reverent journey, that results in personal growth of the individual reaching his or her destination.

The Workshops will be conducted by professional team and profound speakers who have undergo various training in their respective fields to give an overall insights to the audience.

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