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Kumbh Photography Festival 2019

Kumbh Photography Festival 2019

Kumbh has been an epitome of human faith, a revered Sangam of faith, culture and heritage along with the confluence of technology and new-age ideas. As the holy destination witnesses devotees from around the world, Kumbh Mela has always been a favorite photography destination. With enthusiasts clicking the holy fair Kumbh Mela, along with attention to artistic details infused with real meaning and vastness. Capturing the humongous crowd, trailing activities, in sync with the flowing Ganges, 24x7 complete Kumbhhas and a lot more. IIP made the Kumbh festival come live with the best photography!
Kumbh Photography Festival 2019

Photography enthusiasts from around the world were there to cover the fair; and capture portraits, snanam-holy dip, large gathering, candid shots, the holy Ganga etc. Participating, capturing and displaying skills, over 100 Photographers from the world over made it an event to remember. There was a Photography Chaupal which acted as an exhibition center, with information on fair, contact details etc. An ideal platform that helped photographers feel at home and raise the perceptions about India and its rich cultural nuances.

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