Breaking Barriers: Shristi Dutta of BFA. Journey from Passion to Profession in Photography.

Sat, 04 Nov 2023

Breaking Barriers: Shristi Dutta of BFA. Journey from Passion to Profession in Photography.

Welcome to another exciting episode of IIP presents LET'S TALK PHOTOGRAPHY with Rajesh Goyal.In today's episode, we have a remarkable guest who is not only a talented photographer but also a female pioneer in the world of photography. Join us as we delve into the inspiring journey of Shristi Dutta, a student of IIP's Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography, who proves that photography is an art form that knows no gender boundaries.


Photography is often seen as a male-dominated field, but Shristi Dutta is here to challenge that perception. In this episode, we will explore her passion for photography, her decision to enroll in IIP, and her incredible journey through various genres of photography. We will also learn about her current role as a lifestyle photographer with a production company that caters to the fashion and lifestyle industry.

The Genesis of Passion

Shristi Dutta's love affair with photography began long before she decided to pursue it as a career. We will discuss her earliest memories of capturing moments and how she discovered her innate talent for visual storytelling. From her first camera to her first photography project, we will uncover the moments that ignited her passion for photography.

Choosing the Path Less Traveled

Enrolling in a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography program at IIP was a significant turning point in Shristi's life. We will explore the reasons behind her decision, the challenges she faced, and the supportive environment at IIP that nurtured her talent. Her experiences as a female student in a predominantly male field will shed light on the importance of breaking stereotypes.Mastering All Genres

One of the key lessons Shristi learned at IIP was the importance of versatility. She didn't limit herself to one or two genres but instead embraced the opportunity to explore various aspects of photography. We will delve into her experiences with portrait, landscape, wildlife, and fashion photography, highlighting how each genre contributed to her growth as a photographer./p>

Navigating the World of Fashion and Lifestyle

Shristi's journey didn't end with graduation. We will learn about her transition into the professional world, where she carved a niche for herself as a lifestyle photographer. Her collaborations with fashion brands and lifestyle clients have taken her photography to new heights. We'll explore her creative process, the challenges she faces in this competitive industry, and the satisfaction she derives from capturing the essence of fashion and lifestyle.

Inspiring the Next Generation

Shristi Dutta is not just a talented photographer; she's also a mentor and an inspiration to aspiring photographers, especially young women. She strongly believes that IIP is the ideal platform for anyone who dreams of a career in photography. We will discuss her advice for the next generation, emphasizing the importance of holistic learning and not limiting oneself to a specific genre.


Join us in this captivating conversation with Shristi Dutta, a trailblazer in the world of photography. Her story is a testament to the fact that photography is an art form that transcends gender, and with determination and passion, anyone can excel in this field. So, whether you're an aspiring photographer or simply curious about the journey of a female photographer breaking barriers, this episode is a must-watch.

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