Decoding Business, Success and Fame Through Photography, First Time Ever by Rajesh Goyal Sir

Sat, 07 Oct 2023

Decoding Business, Success and Fame Through Photography, First Time Ever by Rajesh Goyal Sir


The novel podcast Decoding Business, Success, and Fame Through Photography is an exclusive YouTube series, unveiling the intricate process of converting a photographic skillset into a successful business. In the inaugural episode, the adept Shubham Narang, a third-year Bachelors in Fine Arts Photography student at IIP Academy, Noida, is under the aegis of the illustrious Rajesh Goyal Sir.


Rajesh Goyal Sir, a name synonymous with expertise in photography, demonstrates the modus operandi of an advertising campaign. With a career festooned with accolades and accomplishments, Rajesh Sir unveils the curtains to the mystique of business through photography. Shubham, who has immersed himself in the craft, specializing in fashion and lifestyle genre, serves as the promising protege, embodying the aspirations of every young photographer.

Episode Blueprint

The episode encapsulates the journey of an advertising campaign for the iconic brand DIESEL's new fashion wear range slated for 2024. Rajesh Sir, assuming the role of an advertising agency, meticulously explicates each step. He guides Shubham, and the audience, through the art and science of conceptualizing, planning, and executing a campaign.

Filling a Creative Brief

The journey unfurls with the crafting of a comprehensive creative brief. It enlists the core essence of DIESEL, its brand ethos, the new range's unique selling propositions, target audience, and more. Shubham’s interaction with the brief offers the audience insights into the nuances of understanding a brand's soul.

Concept Note and Mood Board

Post the creative brief, the focus shifts to crafting a concept note. Here, the audience will witness the creation of a mood board, capturing the essence of DIESEL's upcoming range. It's a meticulous process where Rajesh Sir exemplifies the harmony of creativity and strategy.

Finalizing Creatives and Models

Amidst rich discussions, the selection of creatives, models, and moods aligning with the campaign's requirements unfolds. Each choice is a blend of artistry and strategic insights, showcasing the profound synergy between photography and business.


An in-depth excursion into the rigorous preproduction process ensues. It's a meticulous planning phase, where every detail, from location scouting to team assembly, is fine-tuned to perfection.

Location and Production Team Selection

The choice of location and production team emerges as a narrative of its own. Each decision is a testament to the precision and expertise instilled in IIP Academy's students.

The Shooting Process

The audience is then ushered into the captivating world of the shoot. Each frame, each click, is a dance of technology, artistry, and business acumen.

Campaign Creation

Post-shooting, the journey of transforming raw shots into a compelling campaign for diverse platforms including print, outdoor, signages, and calendars is unveiled. It's a testament to the multifaceted skill set imbued in every IIP student.


The crescendo culminates in an art gallery, where the campaign, a blend of art and business acuity, is exhibited. It stands as a testament to the comprehensive, industry-level education imparted at IIP Academy.


Decoding Business, Success, and Fame Through Photography is not just a podcast it's an experiential journey. Shubham emerges as the embodiment of IIP Academy’s excellence, showcasing the seamless blend of art, business, and industry-level acumen. Each episode promises to be a narrative, weaving the intricate threads of photography, business, and success. Through the lens of Rajesh Goyal Sir and the journey of Shubham Narang, the audience will embark on a sojourn where every frame is a canvas, and every click, a business milestone.

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