"Dreams Illuminated: The Inspiring Journey of Sushil Kumar from IIPian to Success"

Wed, 16 Aug 2023

In the latest episode of "LET'S TALK PHOTOGRAPHY with Rajesh Goyal," we bring you the heartwarming narrative of Sushil Kumar, a student of Dual Diploma in Photography at IIP Academy. What sets Sushil's story apart is the speed at which his dreams transformed into reality. Imagine receiving a golden placement offer from the prestigious IIP Academy just the day after completing his dual diploma in photography! This is the magic that happens when dedication meets opportunity. Sushil's tale is an embodiment of the mantra "It isn't creative unless it sells." From a small dream to a remarkable reality within a year, Sushil's journey is an ode to the limitless possibilities that IIP Academy offers its students. In our candid conversation, Sushil opens up about his passion for photography, his invaluable learning experiences at IIP, and his unshakable belief in both the institution and his mentors. At IIP, transforming dreams into reality is not just a promise; it's a way of life. We congratulate Sushil Kumar on his extraordinary achievements and invite you to join us in celebrating his success. With his placement letter in hand and an attractive package awaiting him, Sushil's story resonates with aspiring photographers and dreamers everywhere. Join us as we explore the world of placements, success stories, and the vibrant journey of Sushil Kumar. Immerse yourself in the art and science of photography, brought to life by the Indian Institute of Photography.

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