Photography Excellence Recognized: IIPian Kartik Lahkar Earns 80% Scholarship | His Journey & Works

Tue, 07 Nov 2023

Photography Excellence Recognized: IIPian Kartik Lahkar Earns 80% Scholarship | His Journey & Works

We are thrilled to present the 9th review session of our photography course at the Indian Institute of Photography (IIP). In this special announcement, we celebrate the exceptional achievements of IIPian Kartik Lahkar, whose dedication and skill have earned him an 80% scholarship for further studies in the field of photography.

In his latest assignment for the three-month online photography course, Kartik has transcended the realms of narrative photography, venturing into the complex and thought-provoking domain of conceptual art. Focusing on the powerful theme of 'WOMAN', Kartik has composed a series of five compelling images that communicate his vision with clarity and artistic depth.

Each image is a chapter in its own right, meticulously planned and executed. Kartik's pre-production process, including his conceptualization and technical preparations, laid the groundwork for the successful execution of his ideas. The production phase of the shoot saw these concepts come to life through Kartik's lens, with a clear focus on storytelling and technical precision.

The post-production process is where Kartik truly showcased his skillful editing techniques, enhancing the images to align perfectly with his initial vision. The result is a portfolio of work that not only demonstrates his growth as a photographer but also reflects a mature understanding of the subject matter and the artistic process.

Our mentor, Asif Khan, along with IIP Founder Director, have reviewed Kartik's submission and unanimously awarded him an A Grade. Their decision to offer Kartik an 80% scholarship for further education in photography underscores the caliber of his work and the potential we see in him. This scholarship is the most significant of its kind ever granted by IIP, highlighting the exceptional nature of Kartik's submission.

We invite you to join us in congratulating Kartik Lahkar on his remarkable achievements. We are excited to support him as he continues to refine his craft and elevate his visual art studies to new heights.

In this video, we will explore each of Kartik's images in detail, discussing the intricacies of his techniques, the depth of his conceptual understanding, and the nuances of his artistic expression. This comprehensive review serves not only as a celebration of Kartik's work but also as an educational guide for fellow photographers who aspire to reach similar heights in their creative journeys.

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