Real Story - From Struggles to finding path, Anuj Tomar Joins Indian Institute of Photography

Tue, 19 Sep 2023

Real Story - From Struggles to finding path, Anuj Tomar Joins Indian Institute of Photography

Born into a family of farmers, Anuj's aspirations soared higher than the fields of his homeland. He yearned to capture the world through the lens of his camera, to freeze moments in time that would speak to the hearts of millions. But like many aspiring artists, he found himself caught in the relentless grind of a mundane job, feeling unfulfilled and disconnected from his true calling.

It was during this pivotal moment of self-reflection and countless nights spent pondering his future that Anu stumbled upon the beacon of hope - the IIP Academy. However, there was a hurdle to overcome, a significant one. His father, deeply rooted in tradition, couldn't fathom the idea of his son venturing into the uncertain world of photography. Skepticism and apprehension clouded their discussions.

In this moment of indecision, the Director of IIP Academy stepped in as a guiding light. With unwavering conviction, he assured Anuj's father about the boundless possibilities that awaited his son within the realms of photography. It was a leap of faith, a courageous choice, and after overcoming numerous obstacles and enduring relentless struggles, Anu finally took the plunge.

Today, Anuj Tomar is not just a student at IIP; he's a passionate soul thirsty for knowledge, mentored by the best in the field. His journey represents the quintessential spirit of our institute, where dreams are nurtured and transformed into reality. We have pledged to provide Anuj with a plethora of opportunities that will empower him, boost his confidence, and pave the way for a dazzling future.

Anuj's inaugural shoot was nothing short of extraordinary. He was entrusted with the monumental task of capturing moments for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the world's largest political party. The stage was set, and history was in the making as Hon'ble Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi returned from South Africa, and ISRO's Chandrayaan 3 marked a momentous success. The airport was buzzing with anticipation, and Anu was right there in the heart of the action, his camera poised to encapsulate the significance of the occasion.

Special permissions were granted, and Anuj delivered exceptional work that left everyone in awe. His passion, dedication, and creative flair shone brightly, proving that he is indeed a rising star in the world of photography. As we proudly watch Anu's journey unfold, we remain steadfast in our commitment to nurturing talents like him, just as our illustrious alumni have achieved remarkable heights.

Anuj Tomar is not just a name; he's a testament to the incredible potential that resides within every individual. He is a part of the IIP family, a student of the Diploma in Photography for the batch of 2023-24, and we are certain that his story will inspire many others to embark on their own extraordinary journeys, pursuing their passions with unwavering determination. Join us in celebrating Anuj's journey and be a part of the remarkable transformation happening at IIP Academy. Your dreams await, and we are here to help you turn them into reality.

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