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Online Advanced Photography Course


We at IIP Academy not only teach visual presentation skills of photography but we impart extensive knowledge, understanding and pathway to discover the technical side, artistic side and visual documentation of various photography fields and genres.
Concept of art is changing with time in the
name of visual presentation, so its skill and
demand of seeking knowledge is also changing.


Study the pro aspects of photography ranging from Advanced aesthetics, visual literacy, photo editing, projects on landscape photography, travel and wildlife photography, street photography, still life photography, portrait photography, and many more with the best mentors in the industry. This unparalleled program is all set to make you an expert within three months that too without disturbing your regular weekday schedule.
Carefully designed each one of the 2 hour duration online class will introduce to you something new each time, so you can expect thoroughly developed the skills required to be a photographer!!
In this advanced foundation photography course the students will learn about the VISUAL AESTHETICS OF PHOTOGRAPHY. Students will do practical shoots largely with a special focus to outdoor photography and studio set-ups as well.

Who can apply

Aspiring photographers who wish to take their knowledge to advance level. They should have basic photography knowledge and should have understanding of exposure triangle, lighting and visual literacy related elements.


After you will complete your Photography Course from here, you will be able to:
  • - Summarize Portrait, landscape and still life photography with deep   knowledge seeking towards Theoretical Approaches of Art.
  • - Explain about Still Life, Table Top, Product, Street and Landscape   Photography
  • - Describe Art of Nature in Story Presentation, Visual Enhancement and Art   Appreciation.
  • - Able to develop projects to showcasing you best work to propel your   passion
  • - Capable to create and show their artistic work through printing, exhibition,   website and social media
  • - By the end of this course you will be having a good collection of   photographs, a few projects and confidence to explore the art of   photography in due course of time.
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