Pravin Sawant

*Travel freak *Adventurer *Destined Artist
Winner of Dada Sahab Phalke Award and others for a Marathi Regional Film "PAINDA". There is an artist in him. An artist who only sees the light and he captures it, he molds it into his frames, he paints with light and beautiful pictures come out of the light of his spirit. He says, every picture has something to share with each of us, all of us; they are connecting to us, and sometimes failing too. Laxman hails from Sindhudurga, a beautiful place amidst the sandy beaches and Blue Mountains. He feels as if it is his personal canvas to draw his emotions on with the lights and lenses. When he holds the camera focusing on the subject, he notices how the subject focuses on him too, and the world around him goes silent, the lights of the outer world dim and his frame freezes there. He feels he has created something; he has grown as an artist. He desperately hopes to change the way it has been. He feels for the earth and he feels for the eye of the spectator. He feels for us, for our beating hearts and rumbling emotions. He is pursuing his photographic discourse from IIP and ever ready to pave his way towards success.He has already worked on a very sensitive project of Slum Life and he has also participated in International Film Festival. He is a traveller at heart and loves travel photography. He has travelled on a bike to Kullu, Manali and Leh and other parts of Himachal. He has also travelled on to Gujarat, Chennai, Maharashtra, Goa and Tanjawar.

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