Ranjan Simkhera

*Intellectual *Decorous *Aetistic
The land of natural greens and wildlife where the eastern wind blows high, Ranjan’s spirit for colors blew him away from that far east to the Capital of the country, Delhi. Ranjan Sharma is an Assamese talent painting his frames with lights and colors, focusing on the nature and its habitats. His mountain spirits lifted his soul and made him travel wide and far just to take up his dream profession, to become a successful photographer. He searched for one of the best photography academy in India and found IIP, back in 2015 when he decided to join in and finally pursue his dream career. He is a magician with lights and knows how to use it properly to highlight his subjects as well as hide the mystery. He has already started taking professional assignments flaunting his creativity. He is pursuing his brilliance in different spheres of photography, be it Fashion, Wedding, Event or Product photography. His work has already been recognized in his home state, Assam and he has been awarded a prestigious scholarship there. His best efficiencies are in usage of lights, understanding color, and his creative soul.

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