Soumen Mandal

*Initiator *Executor *Trustworthy
Soumen, born and brought up in the rural Bengal, Bankura, fell in love with wildlife photography and became a freelance photographer. He used the macro lens exploring deeper and capturing wildlife in their innermost comfort. The touch of Bengal’s greenery and the rusty red soil gave him a photographic perspective. He found the love of his life, photography in travelling and capturing landscapes. He traveled across the country in Himalayas, Pushkar, Manali and Dharamshala and framed the spirit of these colorful places. He also tried his hands on product photography and proved that an artist is always an artist. The wisest of the lot Soumen would inspire his peers and would never fail to go get anything that his heart wishes for. Soumen covered and created a photo-documentary on Prime Minister’s Rally at Moradabad during Assembly Election 2017 for IIP’s LIVE events. His latest project was about ‘how to build Terra Cota’. He participated in and covered wonderfully the Smile Foundation International Film Festival for Children and Youth. He has several projects at hand now and he is coming out with flying colors.

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