Vishwas Sunita Shrivastava

*Adventurer *Vernacular *Traveller
The photographer with a true zeal, Vishwas, has joined IIP’s One-Year Weekend Photography Course, 2016-17 batch. He is now planning to go places to shoot and tell stories and achieve success in his story telling swing. He painted the pictures of Banaras with the same dedication and vibrant diversities. Going beyond the tourist trails, he captured many dramatic stories in a theatrical city that flaunts history and heritage, Varanasi. On his journey to the unknown he met many interesting people, some of them being the devotees of the Aghori Tantra, a cult ageing centuries back. Vishwas has travelled to Jodhpur and visited the fading Blue buildings there painted by Steve McCurry and Prabhudeva. Walking through that blue fantasy he realised that the colors are fading and we need to preserve the heritage. He also went for the famous fair of Pushkar and experienced the colour-palate. His trip to the hilly highs of McleodGanj has gifted him a great number of gems in his basket to decorate his profile with. He has an inherent attraction towards culturally rich heritage cities and has been visiting them in the northern part of the country.

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