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WEPro Course


WEPro - For Women Entrepreneurs
Social Media and video Certification Training Course
Centers : Online, Delhi and Noida
60 hours | Specialist Mentors and Experts | Learn to Earn and presentations | Course Language: Hindi and English | Availability of assistance during Course | LIVE Project and internship incase required.
One Photograph can make your brand


Better Photographs. Better Sales.

This course includes learning and making expressive videos and still photography by using the full potential of your mobile camera. Learn and explore the Tips, Tricks and Techniques to make photographs and videos that can showcase your product and services in a better and presentable manner.

Training on selected Software & Tools

The course is design to promote working women who are in business, startups, making various products and providing services; and are willing to improve their presentations, websites, collaterals, social media pages and other marketing tool. Women living in far off places, remote areas or in metros and mini metros have issue related to sales and better presentations, this course will make them make smart photographs, crisp and clear videos, and effective use their social media handles like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube to improve sales and network.
Most of today's generation is a smart phone generation having the most powerful device in their hands which makes them not stranded with huge cameras.
A smart camera phone is a valuable tool for random, spur-of-the-moment snapshot or well-thought-out compositions. It is the most widely used camera in the world's history, can produce awesomely compelling pictures only when it is in capable hands.
Having a technically-advanced camera phone never means that we are great photographers. Often, all of us come across the situations when we get our camera phone out to catch some candid moments, but our efforts always result in a too-dark, or too-blurry photos.
This wonderful device also helps you become a responsible citizen of the society you live in. You can be a watchdog of society by capturing the unpleasant, unexpected and unlawful happenings taking place in your surroundings and make them public through various mediums. This domain of photography can make you a celebrity overnight on the national and international media channels. In recent years, hundreds of incidents were reported only because they were captured on the spot by the mobile phone photography enthusiasts and their act made them famous and popular with the public overnight followed by hefty monetary advantages For the first time in India, at IIP, we make you learn how to capture those candid photo moments through your mobile camera phone when it's impractical or difficult for you to have your SLR or other camera with you. We equip you with all the knowledge of extra tools and software needed to capture, edit, share and sell your images in an extremely efficient and flexible manner.

What you gain after course completion

  • - Expertise to handle your MOBILE CAMERA
  • - Enhanced approach to mobile phone photography
  • - Understanding of important topics related to mobile phone photography
  • - Professional judgment in spotting or taking photos
  • - Greater confidence and skills in taking better photographs

Course Advantage

  • - Convenience and comfortable learning from home
  • - Friendly personal tutors and one to one interaction
  • - Structured learning system with modules containing specific number of lessons
  • - Step by step professional guidance
  • - Evaluation based progress
  • - IIP Certificate on Course Completion

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Batch Opening From - 4th July 2021

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