Archana Chharia

Governing Council Member
Educationist & Philanthropist
As a resourceful and highly imaginative Art Educationist, flawlessly trained in a wide array of artistic mediums, Archana possesses a blend of exemplary talents for instilling art appreciation and promoting creativity and open mindedness with her proven ability to maintain a well-disciplined and highly motivated classroom. Her career as a versatile Art Educationist spans over 2 decades in which she has been dedicatedly providing high quality education to the students with commitment to raise the standards of artistic education.

The most engaging, interactive, and communicative form of expression is Art, especially Fine Art. The colours, papers, waste products, forms, shapes, and textures are just a few of the raw materials that Archana uses to make her magnificent artwork.

Graduated in applied art from College of Art Delhi and masters in Painting as well, Archana worked with creative agencies and packaging units of repute. The urge to teach was always her final ambition and thus has served prominent schools like Genesis Global School, Noida, Step By Step School, Noida, Vishwa Bharati Public School, Noida for more than 24 years. Here the love for children was truly out of the world, being the most preferred teacher she enjoys the creative journey through out.

At IIP Foundation Archana acts as a facilitator of the Foundation’s art-centric educational programs, using classroom presentations and individual instruction to help students learn and apply concepts they learn. She makes a very smart use of hands-on approach to help children understand abstract concepts, solve problems, and develop critical thinking skills making them prepared for success later in life.

“Although the concept of art may appear rather broad, art actually starts off at the primary school level by drawing some curved or crossing lines on the page (or walls). My goal is to introduce students to the foundations of both art and art theory. Students can establish their own artistic stance towards all items if they are familiar with the principles and concepts that underpin the creation of art. ” – Archana Chharia Goyal