Decoding Best Photography Works

By IIPians Kartik Lahkar


Composition: The photograph employs a captivating composition, with an emphasis on the woman's eyes. This deliberate choice magnetizes the viewer's attention towards her gaze, fostering a profound emotional connection.

Narrative: There's an intensified sense of mystery and allure in the image. The partial concealment of the woman's face behind the fabric, combined with the unique editing choice, adds layers of depth to the story the photograph tells.

Context: The juxtaposition of the reversed background and foreground against the untouched face evokes a surreal environment. It prompts viewers to contemplate the relationship between the subject and her surroundings.


Monochrome Palette: The choice of a black and white palette is given an inventive twist with the negative reversal, bestowing the image with both a timeless feel and a contemporary edge.

Focus: A sharp focus on the woman's eyes and the draped fabric in the foreground, contrasted with the soft, blurred background, produces depth, enhancing the surrealism Kartik introduced through editing.

Emotion: Those untouched eyes become even more poignant amidst the inverted surroundings, conveying a myriad of emotions and further emphasizing the 'windows to the soul' analogy.

Editing by Kartik

Negative Reversal: Kartik's ingenious decision to convert the foreground and background into negatives, while leaving the face in its original state, transforms the photograph into a mesmerizing piece of art. This choice juxtaposes reality with surrealism, making the subject's face—a haven of authenticity—stand out amidst the dreamlike surroundings.

Contrast: The contrast is enhanced, emphasizing the light-dark interplay, adding depth and dimension, especially with the negative conversion.

Tonal Range: The greyscale tonal range is broad, from deep blacks to luminous whites. The negative reversal further diversifies this range, enriching the image's grayscale spectrum. Incorporating Kartik's editing prowess, the photograph stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of meticulous composition, technical expertise, and innovative post-processing. Kartik has transformed an already compelling image into a multi-layered artwork, inviting viewers into a world where reality meets fantasy.

IIPian Kartik Lahkar | 3 months Online Photography Student

Technical Aspects

Lighting: Soft and diffused lighting illuminates the subject's details, especially the eyes and fabric texture. The negative reversal amplifies the lighting's impact, producing striking contrasts.

Depth of Field: A shallow depth of field is employed, rendering the subject sharply while leaving the background soft. This distinction becomes more pronounced with the negative editing.

Sharpness: The image's clarity, particularly around the eyes and fabric, signifies Kartik's technical expertise in capturing and post-processing.