Gaurav Tripathi

Governing Council Member
Gaurav Tripathi, a successful entrepreneur and CEO of Vayam. He holds a degree from IIT Bombay and has over 17 years of experience in multiple startups, including Web 2.0, video, IoT, Cloud, Big Data, Blockchain, and AI.

Gaurav is also the co-founder and Executive Board member of Innoplexus AG, which is now known as the "German AI champion in Life Sciences," working with the top 50 Pharma companies globally. As CTO, he led the team to build an IP portfolio of 120+ patents (US/EU) in the areas around AI, of which 45 have him as an inventor.

Aside from his work, Gaurav enjoys trekking, travelling, and reading, and has a passion for mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs and emerging startups. His expertise in the tech industry and successful ventures have made him a valuable asset to the business community.