Cultural Exchange Program with China

Dec. 2019 at Guangzhou, China
The borders of learning are shrinking with every passing day as more and more doors are opening for educational and cultural exchanges between nations. Taking this thought forward, we at IIP have identified Photography as a cherished art form which has the inherent power to express and assimilate into various thought streams and cultures. For we believe that it is this language of pictures that can make people come together under one platform.

With the Government of People’s Republic of China commemorating 70 glorious years, a confederation of young leaders led high level Indian delegation with IIP members arrived to celebrate the successful diplomatic ties between India and China. More than a pioneering step towards strengthening the way forward towards an enriching and holistic cultural, art and educational exchange, this visit paves the way for IIP to carve a glorious tomorrow that envisages healthy participation from art enthusiasts and students from both the nations.