Manish Sehrawat

Faculty - IIP Academy
Manish Sehrawat has done Basic and Advance Photography Diploma from Triveni Kala Sangam under Veteran O.P Sharma in 2009 and has M.Phil in Photography Studies and Understanding of Theoretical Framework of Image Analysis from Kurukshetra University from Mass Communication Department and got fellowship program from Wanderlust in Pune through which he explored Migration Employment through Straight and Deadpan Photography for research on Old Pune Daily Wage Workers lifestyle. He was coordinator in Visual Research and Photography Analysis academic programs in Udgam India. He worked with Inside Story Fortnightly Newspaper as a Photography Researcher in Delhi from 2013 to 2015.

He taught in Seamedu as a Associate Faculty in Photography department and designed the Graduation Syllabus with KalaShetra Art Centre in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. He presented research paper in Himachal Pradesh University on Post Modern Feminism in Samita Patil Characters through Pictorial Analysis and Currently working as a Assistant Professor in Indian Institute of Photography.

His research and academic interest focus on Metaphorical material on Macro Stories, Theoretical Intertextuality in between Photography and Conceptualization as Body of Work, with focus on Post Photography Behaviour towards Practical Projects. His current topic is surrounding Photography Ontological deabtes in identity and Perception Changes in Feminism Photography. He curated 2 Exhibitions in Residence Program of KalaShetra Organization. He is currently pursuing PhD in Conceptual Documentary Photography from Amity University.