Masters in Fine Arts

2 Years Fine Arts Program
The Master of Arts program is a threefold voyage, inviting aspiring artists to traverse the realms of Painting, Photography, and Printmaking. Each curriculum shares the same resounding ambition to perfect, enrich, and augment the skills of creative professionals and cultural operators alike. Delivered in English, these courses offer a comprehensive solution to the tireless pursuit of artistic excellence.


Over the course of each academic year, students will immerse themselves in six one-week master classes. Under the guidance of esteemed international artists and seasoned professionals, they will be driven to experiment and realize their potential through numerous projects.

Set in an environment that is both invigorating and pragmatic, participants will explore the practical and theoretical aspects of each curriculum. This includes but is not limited to, installations, performances, video art, public art, art criticism, and the art market.

In today's world, artists have become versatile professionals, sought after by companies and creative organizations who value their ability to conjure innovative and visually captivating solutions. Artists collaborate closely with businesses to ensure the success of projects and events.

The artist of the 21st century is a visionary, creating new aesthetics and immersive worlds that transform reality. Investing in the Master of Arts program in Painting, Photography, and Printmaking is an investment in the future of our culture, as it cultivates the talents of the next generation of world-renowned artists.

“Learn the art to go beyond your limits”

Additional Information

Maximum Seats

In regular & hybrid batch (online/regular)


BFA Fine Arts (Painting/ Photography/Applied Arts/ Sculpture/ Graphics) - 4 Year Degree Course Or B.A. with Fine Arts (Drawing & Painting / Commercial Arts) - 3 Year Degree Course Or B. Design Course – 4 Year Degree Course in various Disciplines Or B. Architecture – 4 Year Degree Course in Architecture Or Graduation

Class Days & Batch Timings

Regular batch: Monday to Friday 10.30 am onwards
Hybrid batch: Online classes on Weekends and Regular sessions and practicals on Monday to Friday.

Course Fee & Registration

Registration fee Rs. 50,000/-
1st Semester Rs. 1,50,000/-
2nd semester Rs. 1,50,000/-
3rd semester Rs. 1,50,000/-
4th semester Rs. 1,50,000/-
Total Fee Rs. 6,50,000/-
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The Curriculum

Year Subject
1st Year Iconography & anatomical drawing
Printmaking 1
Painting 1
Photography 1
Performative techniques
Visual arts techniques and technologies
Photography techniques
3D Digital modelling techniques
Psychology of art
Art pedagogy and teaching methods
Language skills - Internships - Workshops
one week Study Tour / Masterclass**
2nd Year Photography 2
Painting 2
Printmaking 2
Experimental printmaking
Phenomenology of contemporary arts
Digital image processing
Art management
Elective educational activities
Language skills - Internships - Workshops
One week Art Residency / Masterclass**
**Study Tour / Art Residency / Masterclasses are part of the number of didactic hours included in the curricular courses
Elective educational activities***
Note :-
Visits in Walks and Talks to art galleries, museum
Short termed Intern/ Project assistance with Prominent Artists
Dr. Vyankatesh Metan
Dr. Vyankatesh Metan
Siva Kumar Vijayan
Siva Kumar Vijayan
Siva Kumar Vijayan
Siva Kumar Vijayan
The Chair
"Man’s faith enables him to see His myriad forms in the light of his love for Him. His prayers in words and visuals, in hues and harmonies, are the soul of this earth. This exhibition embodies my soul-felt love for the Great God of Hindu Trinity, the source of all virtue and vitality. This art is the voice of my heart singing the song of His love and grace."
Ravinder Kumar Sharma weaved the dream of teaching art where people of all ages come together to learn & amp; start their journey into art. A renowned artist & amp; art educationist of India, Ravinder Kumar Sharma has been a mentor to a multitude of art enthusiasts all over the globe. His mission is to educate artists and creative professionals to be responsible contributors to society.
Our faculty under him comprises of experienced and versatile professionals from both academia and industry resulting in a rare blend of experience and expertise, indigenity and universality. Our curriculum takes into account the importance of both theory and practice, and thus promotes deep disciplinary knowledge along with sound technical know-how and practical skills.