Noida - The City of Cultural and Creative Arts

Photography . Film making . Cultural and Creatives Arts .

Noida - A young city only in it's 40s, multicultural in its demographic profile, almost 100% literacy rate and vibrant population. The suburb of South Delhi, is well connected from all directions, financially well capable and is amazingly planned with the best infrastructure in the vicinity of Delhi NCR - be it the network of roads, bridges & green parks or developed drainage systems & definitively well organised market areas. Having an urban population of over 95%, Noida has the best educational institutions, colleges, universities and schools. An advantage of a superbly developed commuting system through Metro lines, Buses, Green auto rickshaws and battery rickshaws. Security and surveillance, the best in the region and it's well aware residents; Noidaites. IIP Academy has its vision to make our young, multicultural and vibrant city culturally rich by exploring it through the art and aesthetics of photography.