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Photojournalism Photography Specialization

IIP’s Photojournalism Photography Specialization Programme

Photojournalism Photography Specialization

IIP’s Photojournalism Specialization dwells on the necessity to improve the art of describing an event/incident through pictures and photography. Here, the camera and how one uses it plays a pivotal role in learning photojournalism. Telling stories as they happened through skillful use of pictures taken by the camera. It is a study that helps one to bring out an event in its finest details through a pictorial process.
IIP’s Photojournalism Photography Specialization Programme

Why Photojournalism Specialization

While a reporter/journalist employs their pen to describe stories, it is complemented well by a photojournalist specialist who uses their camera to visually represent a story through their clicked pictures and frames. Since newspapers and televisions channels have come to the fore, the role of Photojournalists have been to cover important events as they happened, through captured pictures.

With the modern day advent of online and television news channels, online news portals, online new discussion forums, online general infotainment channels, online social journals, there is rapid surge for the need for quality and well trained photojournalism specialists. As pictures play a pivotal role in shaping the narrative of news and information, the role of this specialist is of prime importance.

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