Product and Advertising Photography Specialization

With IIP’s Product and Advertising Photography Specialization Programme, enthusiasts can understand the detailed procedure of commercial product photography, along with the usage of use correct lighting, background, angles, focus and other technical features. Covering a vast expanse of areas like lifestyle, food, architecture and portrait.
Why Product Advertising Photography Specialization

With the economies opening up and people exposed to various products and brands, the need have come for brands to stand out of the clutter in their own unique ways. And how it is possible? Through great promotion and marketing aided by equally stunning product photography. A style of photography that makes the product to stand out amidst the clutter and chaos.

With brands going all out for brand promotion and marketing to gather attention, the need for product photography is holding fort in today’s times. Right from advertising to online shopping portals to digital promotional channels, product photographers are playing a crucial role in diverting the attention of people towards brands and products of different stature and service.