Rajesh Goyal

The Founder & Director - IIP
An alumnus from the College of Arts Chandigarh, Rajesh Goyal started working as a professional photographer while still in college. With an experience of over 30 years in the world of Photography and Advertising, Rajesh Goyal is the vision behind the pioneering effort of online photography education in India.

Online photography in India had been practically unknown but owing to the exceptional blend of creative and entrepreneurial skills of Mr. Goyal, the endeavour could get a kick start. A zealous and passionate photographer at heart, Rajesh Goyal possesses a rare aesthetic sense and an eye for photography usually unmatched. His education in the College of Arts and his experience as a professional photographer, both have equipped him well to foray into the concept of online teaching of photography.

Incidentally, he had been a keen photographer since his early childhood. Talent and hard work earned him the title of a scholar and he was remarkably at the number 1 position in the Punjab University 1991 batch. In his two decades of experience as a photographer, he worked with clients from all around the world like USA, UK, Italy and Germany among others.

Rajesh Goyal wasn't content with being an artist among photographers. Instead, he felt a mission in life, to pass on this legacy of art to the coming generation, to make photography the art of the masses. And that is where the dream of online photography education started taking shape. Pictures need to be cherished and enjoyed for a lifetime. It makes life immortal! Mr. Rajesh Goyal feels most satisfied to see how social media and the advent of internet have contributed to photography. It is now possible to learn photography and share the useful knowledge among friends with greater connectivity.

Mr. Rajesh Goyal in his formative years may not have had the newest cameras as the ones people have now. This had particularly inspired him further to teach all those who have DSLRs today but are quite ignorant about the way to use it. He strives to extend specific education about the various technicalities of the cameras so that amateur photographers can progress.

Today, with great pride it can be said that that the vision of Mr. Goyal has paid off. People from all walks of life can learn the art of photography sitting in the comfort of their homes, at their convenient timings and stay connected with the attentive faculty of IIP any time. It has extended its tutelage to 31 countries and is expanding its network constantly.

There has been considerable success in realising the vision of one man, Mr Rajesh Goyal. But his famous brain-child IIP still has still miles to go. With Mr Goyal’s relentless dedication and also with the help of a top notch team, IIP will soon break all barriers and be the world’s number 1 online photography teaching portal.

“Photography is my PASSION. I pursue it with a PURPOSE and have built its foundation on PRINCIPLES.” - Rajesh Goyal