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Photography Courses in Schools | Classes - 20 sessions

Why photography in schools ?

An early exposure to a varied array of skills and experiences is crucial in a child's quest for their future interest and passion. Like with most hobbies, taking up photography can actually benefit children in many ways.
  • It teaches them to be observant.
  • It teaches them to be sensitive to their surroundings.
  • It helps develop attentiveness to details.
  • It encourages creativity and individuality.
  • It encourages them to be more expressive.
  • It helps enhancing their visualization skills, thus, encouraging them to be an out of box thinker.
“Photography is the most democratic visual art - Wendy Ewald.”

Photography is the most democratic visual art - Wendy Ewald.

A UNESCO research shows that art engages children's senses and develops cognitive, social-emotional and multi-sensory skills. Providing freedom of self expression, choice, thought and feeling, it develops the brain capacity in early childhood.

Why Photography ?

At IIP, we believe that Photography as an art exudes a perfect combination of creativity and self expression, enhancing children's power to visualize and think creatively. IIP, through its initiative is partnering with reputed schools to conduct photography workshops and sessions specially crafted for growing minds.

Through student centric workshops, IIP will enhance the visualization, creativity and imagination level of students thus helping them to create sense of thoughts, apply them to capture a perfect moment and bring out the story element in the pictures they click.

Let the children picture the myriad riches in the world, and arm themselves with the power of self-expression.

Additional Information

Courses Fee

RS. 12000 /-

Maximum Seats

16 Seats

Class Days | Batch Timings

Classes - 8 sessions | Every Sunday | 2:30pm-5:30pm
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The Curriculum

Term 1

Photography Sessions to be provided

Session 1

  • Feel free session: Introduction, refection and discussion around photography and aspirations. Students can bring their 5 favorite pictures.

Session 2

  • Tutorial session on Visual literacy & photography (meaning, purpose and application).

Mobile Photography Sessions

Session 3

  • Exercises for Developing visual content + Practical Shoot and Review on developing vision.

Session 4

  • Understanding Mobile Photography Aesthetics (Light and framing)+Practical Shoot.

Session 5

  • Technical aspects of Mobile Photography + Practical Shoot and Review
  • Mobile Photo Contest: As an assignment for the week, students will be given a theme to shoot. During the next session best pictures will be printed and awarded to the students by IIP.

Smart Phone with Camera/DSLR camera sessions

Session 6

  • Tutorial on Camera handling. Understanding Light and Shadow + Practical Shoot.
  • Home assignment on composition rules.

Session 7

  • Understanding rules of composition in photography - I (Rule of thirds, Camera angles, framing, leading lines)

Session 8

  • Practical shoot (within school premises) applying visual concepts and rules of composition.

Session 9

  • Understanding rules of composition in photography - II (Shapes, Symmetry and Visual story-telling)

Home Assignment

Session 10

  • Understanding visual storytelling and its techniques.

Session 11

  • Practical shoot (within school premises) with emphasis on visual storytelling.

Term 2

Photography Sessions to be provided

Session 12

  • Photo-review & critique session where all images will be individually evaluated by the faculty, suggesting improvements.
  • Story Telling Contest: As an assignment for the week, students will shoot a story. Best submission will be featured in IIP Newsletter.

Session 13

  • Using Smart Phone with Camera/DSLR practically in aperture priority & shutter priority modes with specific situations where these should be used in + Practical Shoot.

Session 14

  • Understanding lenses + Metering modes + focus control in DSLRs modes.

Session 15

  • Understanding exposure – Shutter speed + practical shoot on school premises.

Session 16

  • Understanding exposure – ISO + practical shoot on school premises + White Balance.

Session 17

  • Understanding exposure – Aperture + Creating Depth in pictures (using depth of field)+ Practical shoot for experimenting with shallow and high depth of field.

Session 18

  • Practical shoot on premises based on creating well-exposed images.

Session 19

  • Photo Review + doubt clearing session.

Session 20

  • Theme based EXHIBITION, COMPETITION & Certification by IIP + School.

Teenager Work

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