Street Photography Specialization

IIP’s Street Photography Specialization meticulously looks into the art of taking pictures of public spaces, its landscapes and the connecting street/road views. This photography style looks to brings alive the characteristics of that particular city or town space in sync with its significance and socio-economic nuances. Out here, the subject can be without people or can be an environment which has human characters. One can learn a lot about framing and timing which is key to this style of photography.
Why Street Photography Specialization

Although it is a part of landscape photography style, street photography is candid in nature capturing the roads, streets and the hustle bustle of the urban environment as it happens. More so, it also throws focus on people and their public behavior. To be a good street photographer, one has to possess good knowledge of the visiting area, its history, socio-cultural and economic intricacies topped with the creative judgment to bring out of every picture.

With the advent of online travel portals, travel blogs, city historians, landscape artists, television travel shows etc., prospects are opening up for street photography enthusiasts. With the world opening up newer travelling hotspots, people are yearning for authentic information and documentation. And this is where a good and equipped Street Photographer comes in handy with their artistic inputs.