Advance Sunday Photography Course

Weekend Course
Study the pro aspects of photography ranging from Advanced aesthetics, visual literacy, editing photos on photoshop & lightroom, making panoramas and HDRs, trick photography, fashion, nature, product photography, wildlife, pre-wedding portfolios and and many more with the best mentors in the industry. This unparalleled program is all set to make you an expert within two months, that too without disturbing your regular weekday schedule. Carefully designed each one of the 3 hour duration class will introduce to you something new each time and in 8 sundays, so you can expect thoroughly developed the skills required to be a photographer!!
So what are you waiting for, dust off your DSLRs and enroll for our ASPC today...!!
“Done with basics? Learn advanced photography techniques with iip's advanced sunday photography course (aspc)!”

Additional Information

Courses Fee

RS. 18000 /-

Maximum Seats

16 Seats

Class Days | Batch Timings

Sunday | 11:00Am - 2:00Pm
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The Curriculum

Class 1

  • Advanced Concept of Visual Literacy and Composition
  • How to make a photograph / Forced Perspective / Trick Photography / Abstract / HDR / Bracketing / Motion Blur / Zoom Burst

Class 2 Outdoor Shoot

  • Outdoor Practice of Class 1

Class 3

  • Bokeh control/ Panorama / Time lapse

Class 4 Outdoor Shoot

  • Outdoor Practices of Class 3 Concepts

Class 5 Studio

  • Photo review
  • Introduction to studio equipment
  • Studio lighting

Class 6 Studio

  • Studio Portraits

Class 7 Studio

  • Introduction to Still life Photography

Class 8

  • Image Editing / Processing RAW Images on Camera RAW / Layering / Blending / Masking / Using Filter & Scripts
  • (Students need to carry their laptops for the class) CERTIFICATION

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Gaurav Verma
Gaurav Verma
Jivraj Oleman
Jivraj Oleman
Ashvin Subramanium
Ashvin Subramanium
Abhishek Thapa
Abhishek Thapa
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