Analog (Film) Photography Course

8 Saturdays Session
Excited to delve into the world of film? IIP is thrilled to announce an 8-Saturdays weekend analog photography program, designed for both novices and seasoned photographers. This comprehensive course covers everything from the basics of film handling and shooting with SLR cameras to advanced darkroom techniques.
“The darkroom is where the magic of analogue photography comes alive”

Additional Information

Courses Fee

RS. 12000 /-

Maximum Seats

10 Seats

Class Days | Batch Timings

Saturdays | 11:00Am - 1:00Pm
Register Here Mentor: Jagdish Yadav

The Curriculum

Class 1: Introduction to Film Cameras and Film Types

  • Hands-On Introduction to Film Cameras: Get familiar with different types of film cameras like SLRs, rangefinders, and medium format.
  • Loading Film: Practice loading film into cameras.
  • Choosing Film Types: Learn about various film types and speeds, their applications in different lighting conditions.

Class 2: Outdoor Shooting Basics

  • Exposure Triangle: Practical session outdoors focusing on mastering ISO, aperture, and shutter speed.
  • Light Metering: Learn to use in-camera and handheld light meters to correctly expose photographs.
  • First Shooting Exercise: Capture images using different settings to understand their impact on exposure.

Class 3: Advanced Shooting Techniques

  • Composition and Framing: Apply compositional rules during an outdoor shoot.
  • Challenging Lighting: Practice shooting in challenging lighting scenarios including backlit, low light, and high contrast.
  • Film Speed Experimentation: Use different film speeds in various lighting conditions to see effects.

Class 4: Introduction to the Darkroom Process

  • Darkroom Setup and Safety: Learn how to set up and safely use a darkroom.
  • Chemistry of Film Development: Understand the chemicals involved and their safety measures.

Class 5: Developing Film

  • Developing Black and White Film: Hands-on session on mixing chemicals and developing a roll of film you shot.
  • Watching Development Changes: Observe and learn to recognize stages of development.
  • Film Washing and Drying: Techniques for properly washing and drying film.

Class 6: Printing Basics in Darkroom

  • Making a Contact Sheet: Practical session on creating a contact sheet from developed negatives.
  • Test Strips Creation: Learn how to make test strips to determine the correct exposure for prints.
  • First Print: Create your first simple print from a chosen negative.

Class 7: Advanced Printing and Finishing Techniques

  • Dodging and Burning: Techniques to manipulate print exposure on specific areas of an image.
  • Using Multigrade Filters: Hands-on practice to change contrast with filters.
  • Final Printing: Produce a final, detailed print from the negative focusing on learned techniques.

Class 8: Outdoor Photo Review and Exhibition Preparation

  • Outdoor Photo Review: Discuss and critique photos taken during the course in an outdoor session.
  • Mounting and Presentation: Learn methods for mounting and preparing photos for display.
  • Exhibition Setup: Organize an end-of-course exhibition of the students’ best works.