Bachelors in Communication Design (Applied Arts)

3 Years Degree Program
Communication design is an important part of visual communication that is commonly referred to as commercial art or applied art. It encompasses various projects such as publishing, packaging, corporate identity, exhibits, signage, and advertising. As a multidisciplinary profession, communication design combines different communication elements such as signs, fonts, colours, and images to create unique and modern forms of expression.

Graduates of the IIPCCA Communication Design program are well-equipped to tackle the job market as they have acquired a diverse range of skills during their studies. The program covers various aspects of visual communication, including art history, publishing, traditional graphics techniques, multimedia, graphics, photography, and current and future technologies.

Upon graduation, IIPCCA Communication Design graduates possess the ability to implement projects related to institutional identity, brand image, web design, wayfinding, and advertising. Their skills make them valuable assets in many scenarios, including independent professional practice, advertising agencies, public institutions, and companies. The profile of IIPCCA graduates is that of visual designers who are well-rounded and adaptable to different professional settings.

“Primary applications are publishing, packaging, corporate identity, exhibits, signage, and advertising”

Additional Information

Maximum Seats


12th Class pass Certificate in any stream. Admission is on a first-come-first-served basis.

Class Days & Batch Timings

Monday to Friday 10:30am to 5:30pm

Course Fee & Registration

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The Curriculum

Year Subject
1st Year Technical drawing and project design
Computer graphics
History of printing and publishing
Graphic design 1
Photography 1
Semiotics of art
Elective educational activities
2nd Year Design methodology
History of contemporary art
Graphic design 2
Web design
Features of publication design
Photography 2
Copywriting 1
Techniques and technologies for graphic design
Elective educational activities
3rd Year Mass media theory and methods
Graphic design 3
Copywriting 2
Digital animation techniques
Digital modeling techniques
Computer technologies
Further language and interpersonal skills, internships, etc.
The Chair
Shailesh Goyal, an alumnus of the prestigious College of Arts Chandigarh, combines profound knowledge of Art, Photography and Advertising. As a successful entrepreneur, his rich experience of more than 3 decades in the field of advertising is what keeps him on the professional cutting edge. Living in advertising environment; breathing creativity; innovating best communication solutions; and firmly establishing brands like never before, Mr. Goyal is heading Sepia Advertising as Director for the last 25 years making agency the most sought after advertising and branding agency across the nation with high creativity, performance and customer responsiveness.