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Specialization in Digital, Data and PhotoJournalism
We at IIP Academy believe in the value of Professional Journalism courses for the students that are willing to become a Professional, Digital and Data Journalist & Analyst/ Photo Journalist/ Media Entrepreneur. Understanding the importance of journalism for such students for the first time in India, IIP brings Specialization in Digital and Data Journalism. This one-year diploma course will bring Journalism into contemporary context via print, visual and digital medium.


The Media world is changing. To meet the rising demand for the trained specialists in digital and data professional journalism, which is not available in present scenario. IIP have taken this as a challenge; and is pioneer for this course. This high level digital-data curriculum is not available with the top most universities and institutions in India.

This program delivers in-depth knowledge of Journalism in contemporary context via print, visual and digital medium. The students will get high-pressure creative environment, where they can learn, practice and grow as a new age media journalist.

“New India - New Journalism”

Additional Information

Maximum Seats


Graduate/under graduate in any discipline from a recognized university.

Course Duration

One Academic Year

Class Days & Batch Timings

Monday to Friday 10.00 AM Onwards (Morning Batch)

Course Fee

At the time of Registration Rs. 30000 /-
Semester I Rs. 70,000 /-
Semester II Rs. 50,000 /-
Total Fee Rs. 1,50,000 /-
Note: Scholarships are available as per eligibilities and grant bases, to be discussed while interview with directors.

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The Curriculum

1 st Semester

The value of Professional Journalism - Ethics and Norms

  1. Principle of communication
  2. Mass communication concept and process
  3. Reporting and Editing concept and process

Media reporting and editing fields and knowledge

  • Political Journalism - Legislature, Executive Branch, Election Commission Functioning, Study of Indian Parliament and Constitution, Political Parties of India, Electoral System, Developing an understanding of Current Indian Politics, Political History and Stories of Communists, Caste in politics.
  • Rural Journalism - Indian Rural and Panchayati Raj System, Indian Agriculture, Organic Farming, Pesticides Effects and Side effects, MGNREGA Law, PDS System, Reality of Food Rights, Sarv Shiksha Abhiyaan (Education for All Movement), Soil Health Card, Soil Health, Animal Husbandry, Dairy Industry and Cottage Industries.
  • Cultural Journalism - History of Indian Culture, History of Religions and its Reporting, History of Communalism and its Reporting, Religion and Politics, Indian Family System, current cultural and archaeological issues and Reporting of Archaeology in India.
  • Global Warming and Waste Management Journalism – Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, Waste Management, Pollution and its Effects, Environmental Imbalance, Biological Cycle, Water and Air Space, Noise Pollution, Sociology of Sanitation and Cleanliness, International and National Law on Pollution, and E-waste and its Side Effects
  • Crime and Court Journalism - Indian Constitution, Understanding the Fundamental Rights, CRPC act, IPC act, Forensic Science, Criminology, Reporting and Interpretation by District Court to the Supreme Court, Explanations of Supreme Court and High Court Orders/ Proceedings, Pornography, Cybercrime, Child & Women Crime, and Women & Human Rights Commission, cyber law, copyright act
  • Investigative and war Journalism - Investigative Journalism, Sting Operations, Audio and Video Stings, Report Analyses, reporting on Kashmir and Northeastern, Problem of Separatism, Terrorism, and War Zone Reporting.
  • Propaganda-Handling Journalism - Propaganda Vocabulary and its Understanding, Exposure of Yellow Journalism, Media Corporate relation, Political interference in media, Lutyens' Media and Its Influence, and Understanding of the stories behind the stories
  • Event and Sports Journalism - Sports Journalism, Sponsorship, Promotions, Event Management, Event Promotions, PR Relations and Communication.
  • Lifestyle and Fashion Journalism - Health Reporting, Wellness, Page 3 Culture and Reporting, film journalism, Dark Side of Socialite World, and Drugs and Abuse Phenomenon.
  • PR Relations and Communication – Strategic communication, managing corporate relations, PR tools and technique, client handling, expertise in media relation and case studies.

Photo Journalism

  • In this course, we will cover topics from the basics of photography and covers all aspects of photography and photojournalism - from handling newest technologies to handling difficult situations on ground, from understanding the dynamism of the industry to handling people. The teaching is a mix of theory and lots of practical’s in actual working environment.
  • The photojournalism course is a major part of Digital journalism course, is a rare learning opportunity. It’s perhaps the only photojournalism course in India that covers all aspects of the profession with such high levels of expertise and in such detail. From teaching how to cover breaking news to sports photography, from shooting spot news, wars, disasters to documentary photography, from handling photo-essays to working with deadlines, from being salaried professionals to teaching ways to be independent photographers.
  • It’s a mix of fun and serious professionalism. To get an absolutely hands-on experience, the students will work with in-house online newspaper. This valuable experience provides students a real-life environment of the working of an actual newspaper or magazine. Even during the course, the students start working alongside professionals in the city covering actual news.
  • Apart from covering hard news the students work on powerful documentary work across the country that are reviewed and developed throughout the year. To keep with the changing environment in photojournalism, the students are taught the latest and emerging technologies in news gathering, transmission of images and the various forms of display. Keeping this in mind, the students are also taught Video Photojournalism and multimedia, which forms an important part of the curriculum.

2nd Semester

Digital Journalism

  • What is Digital Journalism
  • Digital Journalism Terminology
  • Developing Digital and Mobile Journalism skills
  • Social Media Handling-Understanding of Multiple social platforms
  • Social Media LIVE and Podcast Journalism (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram,Sound Cloud and LIVE Journalism)
  • Documentary Making for YouTube (specialization)
  • Content Curating, Creation and publication
  • Content Marketing and SEO

Data Journalism

  • What is data journalism
  • Why journalist should use data
  • Data journalism in perspective
  • Data collection & Research Methodology
  • Social data and psycho analysis
  • Social survey, implementation and publication
  • Hypothesis v/s Reality

Software Training & Tools

  • Editing Software (Adobe Premium and FCT)
  • Graphic Designing (Photoshop, InDesign)
  • Software for Multiple LIVE Telecast
  • Advance tools and App for every journalist (Like AI and Mechine Learning)

Marketing and Event Management

  • Learn to Participate in Film Festivals And Awards Ceremonies
  • Digital Marketing
  • Offline Promotion
  • Event Planning
  • Trend Setting & Buzz Creation
Soumya Kanti Dhara
Soumya Kanti Dhara
Prashant Prakash
Prashant Prakash
Chhayank Jindal
Chhayank Jindal
Gaurav Dubariya
Gaurav Dubariya
The Chair
"Photography is my PASSION. I pursue it with a PURPOSE and have built its foundation on PRINCIPLES." Today, there’s a world waiting to be explored, capture and created beyond limits through the photography. A world with never-ending boundaries that holds countless possibilities and opens up zillions of photography opportunities as a form of fine art. And with photography fast emerging as an important subject of learning, the art of photography is emerging as an instrument of change, a melting pot of thoughts and life-changing ideas.One that can effectively document the changing facets of the society and its thinking process like no other. And if you love to embrace the world of photography to hone your learning graph, there’s a lot that will surely open up as possibilities. You can mould yourself as a photography hobbyist, an ardent photographer, a passionate photographer or a full fledged professional successful photographer. But before you choose what to become, everything depends on your instincts, behavior, dedication, devotion, determination and hard work to realize the goal of becoming a photographer.
“Life is a lot more enriched with myriad experiences but my passion for photography has rewarded me with a new perspective to look at the life around me. It is my mission to impart this knowledge to the upcoming ardent photographers; aiding them to look at life with a bold, new perspective.”