Summer Photography Camp

8 Classes (Weekday)
IIP Summer Photography Camp is a unique learning module that covers all aspects from photo shoots to methodologies, to thoroughly grooming you in the art and science of photography. Duration of each class is of 2 hours and is spread across 8 classes (Weekday). Enroll and discover how you can easily and thoroughly develop the skills required to be a photographer, at your own leisure time!
“Looking To Be A Photographer? Look No Further! Opt For The IIP Summer Photography Course!”

Additional Information

Courses Fee

RS. 12000 /-

Maximum Seats

16 Seats

Class Days | Batch Timings

Weekday | 11:00Am - 1:00Pm
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The Curriculum

Class 1

  • Art of Photography
  • Visual Aesthetics
  • Rules of Composition
  • Assignment

Class 2

  • DSLR Camera Handling
  • Types of Camera Format
  • Types of Lenses
  • Assignment

Class 3

  • Different modes in DSLR camera
  • Aperture, Shutter
  • ISO & Exposure Triangle
  • Assignment

Class 4

  • Outdoor practice with mentor

Class 5

  • Different type of Focusing Modes
  • Different type of Metering Modes
  • Assignment

Class 6

  • Depth of field
  • White Balance
  • Assignment

Class 7

  • Outdoor practice with mentor

Class 8

  • Review, QnA
  • JPEG Vs Raw
  • Basic Image Editing and Image Manipulation
  • Post Processing using mobile apps
  • Certification
The Faculty