Weekend Fashion Photography Course

Live Your Passion for fashion
Ever fancied yourself as the next eminent fashion photographer? Explore and be trained in the field that represents the pinnacle of glamour and chutzpah. Learn what it takes to bring out the soul and persona of the brand developing your own signature style. Capture latest trends in on-the-job training sessions and build a majestic portfolio under the guidance of professional fashion photographers. Experience studio sessions, shoot models and gain requisite exposure enhancing your artistic sense of reciting your own definition of fashion.
IIP's Fashion Photography course- A specialised approach to capture the enchanting world of fashion
“Live Your Passion for fashion”

Additional Information

Course Duration: 8 Classes

Courses Fee

RS. 25000 /-

Maximum Seats

16 Seats

Class Days | Batch Timings

Saturday | 11:00Am - 2:00Pm
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The Curriculum

Class 1: Introduction to Fashion Photography

  • Objectives : Understanding the basics of fashion photography, its history, and its significance in the fashion industry.
  • Topics Covered
    1. History and evolution of fashion photography.
    2. Key fashion photographers and their styles.
    3. Differences between fashion photography and other genres.
    4. Introduction to fashion magazines and media.
  • Assignment : Research and present a report on a famous fashion photographer.

Class 2: Understanding Fashion Photography Equipment

  • Objectives : Familiarization with the essential equipment used in fashion photography.
  • Topics Covered
    1. Cameras (DSLR, mirrorless) and lenses (prime vs. zoom).
    2. Lighting equipment (natural light, studio lights, reflectors).
    3. Accessories (tripods, light meters, diffusers).
    4. Digital vs. film photography in fashion.
  • Hands-On Activity : Setting up and using basic photography equipment.

Class 3: Lighting Techniques in Fashion Photography

  • Objectives : Mastering various lighting techniques to create mood and style.
  • Topics Covered
    1. Natural vs. artificial lighting.
    2. Studio lighting setups (three-point lighting, high-key, low-key).
    3. Outdoor lighting and working with natural light.
    4. Creative lighting techniques (backlighting, silhouettes).
  • Hands-On Activity : Practical lighting setups and experimenting with different lighting techniques.

Class 4: Posing and Directing Models

  • Objectives : Learning how to pose models and direct them to convey the desired look and emotion.
  • Topics Covered
    1. Communication skills for directing models.
    2. Basic and advanced posing techniques.
    3. Posing for different body types and fashion styles.
    4. Creating a comfortable and productive environment for models.
  • Assignment : Conduct a mini-photoshoot focusing on posing and directing.

Final Evaluation

  • Project Submission : Each student submits a final portfolio.
  • Presentation : Present and discuss the portfolio in class.
  • Feedback Session : Receive constructive feedback from peers and the instructor.

Class 5: Fashion Styling and Wardrobe Coordination

  • Objectives : Understanding the importance of styling and wardrobe in fashion photography.
  • Topics Covered
    1. Role of a stylist in a photoshoot.
    2. Selecting outfits and accessories.
    3. Coordinating colors, patterns, and textures.
    4. Working with designers and stylists.
  • Hands-On Activity : Collaborate with a stylist to plan and execute a styled shoot.

Class 6: Composition and Framing in Fashion Photography

  • Objectives : Learning the principles of composition to create visually appealing images.
  • Topics Covered
    1. Rule of thirds, leading lines, symmetry, and asymmetry.
    2. Framing and cropping techniques.
    3. Using negative space effectively.
    4. Experimenting with different angles and perspectives.
  • Hands-On Activity : Practical exercises in composition and framing.

Class 7: Post-Processing and Editing Fashion Photos

  • Objectives : Mastering post-processing techniques to enhance and finalize fashion photographs.
  • Topics Covered
    1. Introduction to photo editing software (Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom).
    2. Basic editing (exposure, contrast, color correction).
    3. Advanced retouching techniques (skin smoothing, blemish removal, dodge and burn).
    4. Creating and applying presets/filters.
  • Assignment : Edit a set of photos from a previous class photoshoot.

Class 8: Building a Fashion Photography Portfolio

  • Objectives : Creating a professional portfolio to showcase your work.
  • Topics Covered
    1. Selecting and curating your best work.
    2. Organizing and presenting your portfolio.
    3. Digital vs. print portfolios.
    4. Marketing yourself and finding clients.
  • Final Project : Create a complete portfolio and present it to the class for feedback.
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Pallavi Sharma
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